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Michelin-Star to Uncovering the Best Street Food Restaurants in Brussels.

The bustling and diverse city of Brussels, which serves as Belgium’s capital, is well-known for its beautiful architecture, significant historical sites, and, of course, its culinary scene. The city offers a variety of dining alternatives for residents and visitors alike, mixing traditional Belgian cuisine with international cuisines and cutting-edge culinary inventions. A food lover’s paradise with everything from little cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants, Brussels. With so many restaurants located right in the middle of the city, Brussels is also renowned for its busy and bustling ambiance. This makes it the ideal place to take in the city’s dynamic energy while indulging in a delectable meal. The city features a wide variety of neighbourhoods, each with its own personality and menu options. Everyone can find something to eat in Brussels, whether they want a quick snack or a fine dining experience. To discover more about restaurants in Brussels, the top restaurants in Brussels, and nice restaurants in Brussels, read the article below, which was selected by Feedhour.

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The greatest restaurants in Brussels can be located online using a variety of methods. To make your search easier, Feedhour has put together a list of the top eateries in Brussels. The following is a list of the top restaurants in Brussels:

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1. Brussels Stoemp 

Best restaurants in Brussels

In the centre of Brussels, Belgium, you may have a distinctive and delectable eating experience at Brussels Stoemp. Stomp, a mashed potato dish generally combined with vegetables including carrots, leeks and Brussels sprouts, is a speciality of this restaurant’s traditional Belgian cuisine. You may have a variety of stomp delicacies as well as traditional Belgian staples including mussels and fries, beef stew, and carbonade flambée at Brussels Stoemp. For all dietary requirements, the restaurant also has vegetarian and gluten-free selections.

A relaxed lunch or dinner with friends and family is the perfect occasion to enjoy Brussels Stoemp’s comfortable ambiance. Traditional Belgian decor, including beer signs and old photographs, gives the restaurant a homely, welcoming atmosphere.

Brussels Stoemp offers take-out in addition to dining in, enabling clients to savour their preferred cuisine in the convenience of their own homes. Brussels Stoemp is a must-go to restaurant for anyone wishing to sample the best Belgian cuisine in Brussels because of its handy location and delectable food. One of Brussels’ top restaurants, to be exact.

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2. Shahi Tandor 

Shahi Tandor 

In Brussels, there is a well-known eatery called Shahi Tandor that serves only genuine Indian food. Shahi Tandor has developed a reputation for offering some of the greatest Indian food in the area thanks to a menu packed with delectable delicacies. The restaurant offers a wide selection of foods that may be customised to suit different tastes and preferences, including traditional curries, tandoori dishes, biryanis, and more. To make their unique meals, the restaurant’s chefs use a variety of classic and modern culinary methods with premium ingredients. They flavour their food with a variety of herbs and spices, and cooking some of their meals in a tandoor oven gives them a distinctive, smokey flavour.

Shahi Tandor offers takeaway and delivery services in addition to their dine-in services, making it a practical option for people wishing to enjoy delectable Indian food in the comfort of their homes. The restaurant is a favourite among both locals and tourists because of its warm atmosphere, attentive service, and authentic fare. For a real Indian eating experience in Brussels, Shahi Tandor is a terrific option whether you’re craving a meaty tandoori dish or a thick and spicy curry. Take into account including this eatery on your list of the top restaurants in Brussels.

3. Poke Dream 

Poke Dream 

Popular Brussels eatery Poke Dream specialises on Hawaiian-style dishes, particularly poke bowls. The idea behind the restaurant is to offer great and gratifying options for healthy and fresh meals. Fresh fish, veggies, and savoury sauces are topped off in poke bowls, which have a foundation of rice or salad. Customers at Poke Dream have a selection of pre-made poke bowls to choose from or can build their own by choosing their chosen base, protein, toppings, and sauce. Along with poke bowls, Poke Dream serves musubi, a sushi variation made with Spam and rice, smoothie bowls, and boba tea, all of which are influenced by Hawaiian cuisine. Only premium products are used in the restaurant, and the fish is sourced from ethical and sustainable fisheries.

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In the centre of Brussels, Poke Dream serves both dine-in and takeaway meals. The restaurant is a favourite for lunch breaks and casual dinners because of its trendy and modern decor, which creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Poke Dream is a must-try for anyone looking for a vibrant and flavorful eating experience in Brussels thanks to its healthy and delectable menu offerings.

4. Pokawa 

Pokawa restaurants brussels

A well-known restaurant chain in Brussels called Pokawa is known for its delicious and nutritious poke bowls. Customers can build their own unique poke bowls at the restaurant using a wide range of ingredients, including fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. A variety of distinctive poke bowls, each with its own contents and flavours, are available on the menu. The Classic Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and Vegetarian bowls are a few of the well-liked choices. A variety of sides are also available at the restaurant, including miso soup, seaweed salad, and edamame.

Pokawa is renowned for its environmentally friendly practises in addition to its high calibre cuisine. The restaurant uses only biodegradable packaging, and they work to reduce their environmental effect by sourcing their food locally and sustainably. Anyone who appreciates fresh and savoury food should consider Pokawa whether they’re searching for a nutritious lunch or a filling dinner. With so many locations in Brussels, it’s simple to locate a Pokawa restaurant and savour their mouthwatering poke bowls.

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In conclusion, Brussels’s culinary scene is thriving and diverse and provides something for everyone. In the city’s many restaurants, you may choose from a variety of cuisines, including traditional Belgian fare like stoemp and sushi as well as exotic fare like Indian food. The most well-known eateries in Brussels include Comme Chez Soi for fine dining, Nona for Italian food, and Chez Leon for classic Belgian moules-frites. For those who prefer takeaway, Poke Dream and Pokawa offer savoury and nutritious poke bowls, and Shahi Tandor offers savoury Indian cuisine. These are some of Brussels’ top restaurants.


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