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Fashionable Eyewear: Sporty and Stylish Glasses for the Modern Man.

Men’s glasses have developed into a necessary item that not only enhances the look but also corrects vision. Men’s glasses come in a wide range of designs, forms, and styles that can improve a person’s entire appearance. One of the top companies that provides men with high-quality glasses that meet their various wants and preferences is Forum Sport.

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Men’s Eyewear Categories from Forum Sport

Men’s prescription glasses from Forum Sport are available in a variety of prescription strengths to address myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. These glasses have lenses made of plastic, polycarbonate, and high-index materials, among others. The frames come in a range of styles and colours and are made of strong materials including metal, acetate, and titanium.

Sunglasses: Forum Sport has a selection of men’s sunglasses that not only block dangerous UV rays but also give an outfit a fashionable edge. The polarised lenses on these sunglasses improve clarity and decrease glare. There are many different styles and colours available for the frames, which are made of high-quality materials including metal and acetate.

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Sunglasses for men

Sports Glasses: Forum Sport carries a selection of sports glasses for men that are made to maximise protection and performance while engaging in physical activity. The lenses of these glasses are impact-resistant, shielding the wearer’s eyes from flying objects and damaging UV radiation. There are many different styles and colours available for the frames, which are composed of sturdy materials including polycarbonate and TR90.

Here is a list of Forum Sport glasses for men that you should never overlook:

1. Oakley Leffingwell

Men require eyewear that not only looks good but also is comfortable and durable when selecting the ideal pair. These demands and more are satisfied with Oakley Leffingwell spectacles. To guarantee that they offer the wearer a great experience, these glasses are made with accuracy and attention to detail.

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The Oakley Leffingwell Glasses are the ideal choice for fashion-conscious guys because of their contemporary and sleek appearance. They come in a variety of colours, so you may choose the one that best suits your own preference. These glasses’ frame is built of lightweight, strong materials like titanium and O Matter, which fits the wearer snugly and comfortably.

2. Matt Blue Green Zone Blue Light G Cebe Avatar

Blue light generated by electrical devices is specifically blocked by Cebe Avatar Matt Blue Green Zone Blue Light G glasses. The glasses are ideal for men who wish to protect their eyes while still looking fashionable because of their stylish and sleek style.

The glasses have a sturdy yet lightweight frame that is of the highest quality, giving the wearer the utmost comfort. The lenses are created using a unique blue light filtering technique that lessens the negative effects of blue light while preserving colour fidelity.

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branded Sunglasses men

3. Oakley Sutro Matte Carbon Prizm

The Oakley Sutro Matte Carbon Prizm is the ideal pair of spectacles for men. This set of glasses blends design and performance to provide an exceptional experience. The Oakley Sutro Matte Carbon Prizm provides what you need whether you’re looking for a pair of glasses for everyday use, sports, or to stand out in a crowd.

The Oakley Sutro Matte Carbon Prizm has a stylish appearance that goes well with any attire. The Prizm lens technology improves colour contrast and gives everything you see a clearer, more defined appearance while the matte carbon frame has a sleek, contemporary appearance. The broad, wraparound frame of the glasses offers great peripheral vision as well as wind and sun protection.

4. Oakley Sutro BK Prizm

Men’s Oakley Sutro Matte BK Prizm glasses have a sleek, contemporary design. O Matter, a strong, lightweight material renowned for its impact resistance, is used to create the frame. The matte black frame provides it a classy and fashionable appearance.

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One of the most crucial aspects of the Oakley Sutro Matte BK Prizm sunglasses is their lenses. Plutonite, a substance renowned for its clarity and impact resilience, is used to make the lenses. Additionally, the lenses have Prizm technology, which improves colour and contrast in various lighting situations

5. Foster 16

The Foster 166 is the ideal fusion of elegance and style. Strongness and durability are guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials in the frame. The sleek and contemporary form of the frame makes it appropriate for any situation. These glasses will make any outfit look better, whether it’s for a formal occasion or a casual outing.


When picking glasses, comfort is a key consideration, and the Foster 166 does not fall short. The glasses have an excellent fit that guarantees their stability throughout vigorous activity. Even after extended wear, the frame’s lightweight construction assures that they won’t be uncomfortable.


In conclusion, Forum Sport provides a selection of premium spectacles for men that are tailored to their various demands and tastes. There is something for everyone at Forum Sport, which offers a selection of designs, colours, and materials for both sports and prescription eyewear. Men’s glasses from Forum Sport are a well-liked option among customers due to the use of premium materials, variety of patterns and colours, and comfortable fit.

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