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Choosing the Right Bluetooth Hoverboard with Music Capability.

Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are two-wheeled portable electric vehicles. After being released into the market in 2015, they quickly became quite popular. They support the rider on a platform between the two wheels and run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The platform is wide enough for the rider’s two feet and offers ample area for stability.

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Hoverboards with Bluetooth on Idealo

A regular hoverboard becomes a Bluetooth hoverboard when a Bluetooth speaker for music is added. Let’s review the top Bluetooth hoverboards on Idealo as the Bluetooth version is considerably more common:

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1. Bluetooth hoverboard Hover 1 H1

The Hoover One series’ initial model is this one. It boasts a sophisticated appearance, a comfortable ride, and Bluetooth capability for the speakers. The user may adjust the pace and light intensity to suit their needs. The hoverboard’s sophisticated appearance is always in trend. For those of all ages seeking a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation, the Hover 1 H1 is a well-liked option. However, it is crucial to use caution and common sense while riding, as well as to wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet.

2. Bluewheel HX310s

An electric balancing board or hoverboard is the Bluewheel HX510. Riders can steer the board with their body motions thanks to its two wheels and self-balancing function. Depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight, the lithium-ion battery-powered HX510 may cover up to 12 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the board has Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, and a built-in speaker so that users may listen to music as they ride. The Bluewheel HX510 can accommodate riders weighing up to 100 kg and has a top speed of 10 km/h.

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3. ROBWAY W1 Actionbikes E-Balance Board

An electric self-balancing scooter is called the Actionbikes E-Balance Board ROBWAY W1. Another name for it is a hoverboard. It features two wheels and an electric motor that is driven by sensors that track the movements of the rider and a gyroscope. Riders may play music from their smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices using the board’s built-in Bluetooth speaker, which is also equipped with LED lights for greater visibility and safety.

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4. Actionbikes Robway W3 

The Actionbikes Robway W3 is a hoverboard-style electric balancing board. Because it has two wheels and a self-balancing mechanism, the rider may steer the board by moving their body. Depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight, the board’s lithium-ion battery may propel it up to 12 to 15 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the Robway W3 has Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, and a built-in speaker so that users may listen to music as they ride.

5. Robway W2 E-Balance Board by Actionbikes

The Actionbikes E-Balance Board Robway W2 is a personal transportation electric self-balancing hoverboard. It has two strong motors and has a range of up to 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) on a single charge. It can travel up to 10 km/h (6 mph). Smooth and simple manoeuvring is made possible by the Robway W2’s sensitive self-balancing system and uncomplicated controls. A fun and useful form of transportation for both children and adults, it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting, and a remote control.

How Should I Choose a Bluetooth Hoverboard?

Bluetooth hoverboard variations: The two main types of Bluetooth hoverboards are two-wheel and single-wheel boards. Since they are the most common and frequently the simplest to ride, two-wheel hoverboards are a great solution for beginners who wish to learn how to ride a hoverboard. The size of the wheels makes up the primary differential between two-wheeled variations. Choose the sort of hoverboard you require first. Among the four are:

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  • Rider Specs: Hoverboards have different rider specs depending on the model and manufacturer. Because different hoverboard models use motors with different wattages, the maximum rider weight varies. Each hoverboard has a minimum and maximum weight restriction. Both of these rules must be followed by the business for safety.
  • Safety: Be cautious to buy a hoverboard from a reputable merchant. Always purchase hoverboards from reliable businesses with excellent customer service and setup guides. Most essential, make sure the model complies with UL 2272. Avoid purchasing a hoverboard that does not meet UL 2272 requirements.
  • On level terrain, the majority of consumer hoverboards have a top speed of only 15 mph. The speed range for self-balancing scooters is normally between 5 and 15 mph. The motor of a device determines its top speed since quicker electric scooters may have stronger motors.
  • Range must be taken into account depending on how you want to use a hoverboard. Hoverboard makers will specify a board’s range either in terms of time or miles.
  • Battery: Electric hoverboards require a recharged battery, which takes some time. The hoverboard’s design keeps the batteries within so they can be charged without being taken out. Finding out if the brand of your choice’s charging port may be changed before buying is crucial.


If you have a short commute to work or school, the Bluetooth hoverboard is a great option. They offer a nice tempo and produce music that is of high quality. If you decide to purchase one, your final decision may be influenced by a number of additional characteristics, and Idealo may provide a selection of hoverboards with these features.

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