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Soothing and Cooling Formulas: Aftershaves for Post-Shave Comfort.

Debenhams is the best store to visit if you’re seeking for the right aftershave for guys. We provide a broad selection of aftershaves, from time-honored classics to the newest in men’s grooming items, all created to enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

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Every man may find something at Debenhams that fits his style and budget. We offer both traditional smells from prestigious companies like Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, and Dunhill as well as more contemporary perfumes from cutting-edge companies like Diesel and Calvin Klein in our collection of men’s aftershave. In order to help you select an aftershave that works for both you and your spouse, we also provide unisex aftershave.

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It’s crucial to think about the kind of aroma you want when selecting your aftershave. Which perfume, a mild, fresh one or a stronger, more intoxicating one, do you prefer? You may choose an aftershave that you adore since we offer a selection to suit all preferences.

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Men’s Aftershave Selection at Debenhams

To give the important man in your life something unique, choose from our extensive collection of aftershave gift packages. At Debenhams, you can discover the ideal aftershave gift set regardless of whether you’re searching for a traditional scent or something more contemporary.

Debenhams is aware that finding the ideal aftershave for guys may be challenging. We provide a variety of practical tools to make it simpler because of this. To find the aftershave that’s best for you, use our “Find Your Perfect Fragrance” feature to focus your search by scent type, brand, and price range.

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Here are the best 5 aftershaves for men available at Debenhams that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Davidoff Aftershave Cool Water for Men

Davidoff Men’s Cool Water For more than 25 years, After Shave has been a well-liked option for guys who like a traditional aftershave. It is a scent that captures the power of the ocean’s waves while being light and energising. Those looking for a mild yet manly aroma will love this aftershave for guys.

Your skin will feel soft and silky after using it, and its long-lasting smell will keep you feeling energised all day. Its light and refreshing recipe. With the handy spray container, applying aftershave for men has never been easier, and the light, refreshing aroma will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

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2. After-Shave Balm by dSquared Wood Pour Homme

A sumptuous aftershave balm for men, dSquared Wood Pour Homme After Shave Balm is enhanced with the brand’s signature woodsy smell. Aloe vera, witch hazel, and chamomile extract are among the natural components included in this aftershave balm’s formulation to help calm and shield the skin after shaving.

Vitamins E and F have been added to it to assist support healthy skin. This men’s aftershave balm will revitalise you and leave you smelling amazing thanks to its opulent woody aroma. The ideal way to wrap up your morning shaving regimen is with this aftershave balm. apply the Dsquared Wood Pour Homme After Shave Balm right away after shaving for optimum results, then apply a moisturiser made specifically for your skin type.

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3. dSquared Green Wood Aftershave Balm

A magnificent aftershave balm created especially for guys is called dSquared Green Wood Aftershave Balm. Shea butter and avocado oil are used in the formulation of this aftershave balm to calm, hydrate, and nourish the skin. Natural additives like green tea, ginkgo biloba, and vitamin E work to shield the skin from environmental assaults while also leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth.

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The light scent serves as a nice reminder of your grooming regimen, giving it the perfect cap to your regular shave. The dSquared Green Wood Aftershave Balm offers all the advantages of a conventional aftershave in a practical, simple-to-use recipe thanks to its moisturising and protecting qualities. dSquared Green Wood Aftershave Balm is a fantastic option whether you’re seeking for a moisturising aftershave for guys or a mild, refreshing aroma.


Men of various ages and preferences may find an aftershave at Debenhams. There is a fragrance to suit every taste, whether you want a delicate, light perfume or a strong, daring aroma.

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